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How can emotional abuse harm nursing home residents?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse |

In the time after you get your loved one settled into their new life at a nursing home, you may start to notice that something is not right.

From odd moods to strange reactions, you may sense that there is abuse happening at the home. Knowing more about the most common signs of emotional abuse can help you determine what to do next.

Sudden shyness

According to Psychology Today, you may notice your loved one being quieter than usual and not opening up about what they are thinking or feeling. They may not want to potentially upset the staff, since they rely on them for help and constant assistance.

This means that any abuse could be easily overlooked, since your loved one may not want to cause a disturbance by telling you exactly what is going on.

Paranoia and confusion

Yelling and screaming from staff members can make an elderly person scared and also doubt their own memory of what truly happened. If you notice your loved one seeming confused about details or acting less self-confident, it could be because of what the nursing home staff is saying to them.

Different habits

When an elderly resident is nervous about the staff at a home, they may change how they spend their time in order to avoid other people. They may even become withdrawn from you and their friends or other relatives.

Some older people may not even realize how much they are avoiding or how severe the verbal and emotional abuse they are facing is. Being open about nursing home abuse around them can help them talk to you honestly.