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Van Nuys family members killed in tragic accident

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2022 | Car Accidents, Serious Injuries |

Most people in California understand that whenever they take to the state’s roads and highways in their vehicles, they assume the inherent risks that come with driving. Many, however, do not give a second thought to these potential dangers due to the trust they have in their fellow California drivers.

If most do not overly worry about driving every day, few likely even give it a second thought when out of the state (whether traveling for business or pleasure). Yet car accidents are not unique to California, and if and when one experiences an accident while traveling, the consequences often remain the same.

Four family members killed in crash in Guatemala

Sadly, a recent accident involving four family members from Van Nuys illustrates this point. According to Mitu, a semi-truck collided with the family’s mini-van, killing all four. Local authorities apprehended the driver, although no news is yet available as to the criminal charges he may face.

Legal ramifications of out-of-state accidents

The remaining family members of these accident victims now seek to try and meet the expenses needed to being all four back home for burial. While this presents a significant financial challenge to those in situations like this, it is by no means the only one.

Out-of-state car accidents bring with them the difficulty in navigating the legal systems of the states (or countries) in which the incidents occur. These complexities present significant challenges, yet such difficulties are not insurmountable. Access to the right legal resources can help those seeking both justice and appropriate civil remedies may go a long way in helping them find the comfort and relief they so desperately need.