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How can distractions cause surgical errors?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Struggling with medical malpractice from a poorly done procedure can leave you with lasting health problems in the time after your surgery.

One way that many of these surgeries go wrong is when items or people distract the doctor in the operating room.

Music or phone noises

According to the National Library of Medicine, some surgeons could look at their phones or even play music during the time of the surgery. Any form of loud noise can make it hard for people around the surgeon to hear what they are saying, especially in busy moments during the operation.

Sudden sounds, such as a dropped tray, can startle people and lead to slips of the hand. One wrong usage of a scaple or any precise tool and internal bleeding or another major issue could happen.

Random discussions

If another medical professional tries to talk to the surgeon about an off-topic subject during a critical part of the procedure, the surgeon may not be able to fully concentrate on the operation. Trying to multitask while stitching up a patient or performing intricate parts of a surgery can lead to mistakes.

Tired or overwhelmed assistants’ minds may also wander onto other subjects, which can leave them distracted and open to making surgical errors.

Additional instructions

An assistant may need help with a complicated part of the procedure. A doctor having to explain steps while completing another task can slow down the surgery and potentially put the patient in danger.

If a doctor is looking away or not hearing other staff members during surgery, a patient may suffer from medical malpractice.