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Can a car crash lead to job loss?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2022 | Serious Injuries |

Getting into a car crash can bring about many difficult situations for the sufferer. This includes numerous repercussions related to their crash injuries.

Some victims of car crashes even face the stark potential reality of losing their job.

Serious injury and job loss

Many different types of injuries can lead to job loss due to the simple fact that the sufferer is no longer physically capable of doing the same work they could once do.

This applies to numerous injuries, with traumatic injuries like head and spinal cord trauma being among the most obvious. Victims in comatose states will also likely lose their work positions if the coma lasts for some time.

Of the many injuries that may occur due to a crash, Mayo Clinic points out that back injuries are not something to scoff at, either. Even back injuries not involving the spine or spinal cord can result in physical issues that render a person unable to do the work they once could.

The impact of mental and emotional injury

Mental changes wrought by head trauma may also cause job loss for different reasons. If a worker becomes mentally incapable of dealing with daily stressors associated with the job, they are no longer a good fit for the position.

The same goes for head injury sufferers who struggle with memory in addition to emotional and behavioral regulation. A sharp mind is needed for many jobs, and unfortunately, head trauma survivors often struggle to meet demand.

These issues are why many working-class people who suffer in car crashes will then pursue damages.