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Angle collisions and the potential for medically consulted injury

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2023 | Car Accidents |

In a city with a great amount of traffic like Los Angeles, vehicle crashes happen every day.

Some of these crashes are angle collisions, which often result in medically consulted injuries.

About types of crashes

In compiling data concerning vehicle-related injuries and deaths, the National Safety Council (NSC) looks at three crash types: collisions between motor vehicles, collisions between motor vehicles and fixed objects, and, finally, non-collisions. In 2018, collisions between cars represented less than half of all fatalities. Yet this type of crash was responsible for almost 79% of all injuries.

About medically consulted injuries

As the term suggests, a medically consulted injury is serious enough to require consultation with a medical professional. NSC statistics indicate that in 2019, the number of medically consulted injuries from vehicle crashes that did not end in death was approximately 4,423,000, a 2% decrease from the previous year. The combined cost of motor vehicle fatalities, injuries and property damage through June of 2018 was $400.4 billion.

About angle collisions

An angle collision is where two vehicles hit each other at an angle. This can easily happen in heavy traffic, especially at a point where vehicles are merging as in the onramp to a freeway. Although angled and side-impact crashes only account for approximately 25% of vehicle crash injuries, these accidents cause more than 35% of all severe and fatal injuries. This is because the sides of vehicles are less equipped with safety features than the front or rear. Angle collisions, therefore, contribute to the number of medically consulted injuries in the Los Angeles area causing victims to seek compensation to cover their medical expenses and more.