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Los Angeles Bedsores Attorneys: Our Pressure Ulcer Attorneys Offer Justice

Nursing homes can be havens of care for our most vulnerable loved ones, but profit can sometimes overshadow patient well-being. Residents pay the price, suffering neglect and excruciating injuries like bedsores.

The bedsore lawyers at Greenslade Cronk, LLP, can help you hold those responsible accountable for their negligence. We offer tenacity, dedication and free consultations for victims in Los Angeles and all of California. You need not pay a dime if your bedsores attorney in Riverside does not win your case.

What Are Bedsores? Are They Severe Wounds?

Bedsores, or pressure ulcers, are painful wounds caused by constant pressure against the skin, especially in bony areas. They can arise in bedridden individuals and those who spend extended periods in a chair.

Early symptoms may seem minor, but severe tissue damage and infection can set in if they worsen. Because of the potential for these complications, preventing bedsores (and treating them early) is crucial.

Pressure Ulcers Have Different Stages

Bedsores typically undergo several stages, each with distinct characteristics. Knowing about these stages empowers you to recognize the warning signs and ensure proper care for your loved one (or yourself).

  • Stage 1: Red, discolored skin that doesn’t turn white when pressed and may feel different in temperature or texture
  • Stage 2: Shallow open sore, possibly dry or shiny, with no visible dead tissue
  • Stage 3: Deeper wounds that expose fat and new tissue, sometimes with dead tissue, while bones, muscles and tendons are not yet visible
  • Stage 4: Severe wounds that expose underlying bones, muscles or tendons
  • Unstageable: When dead tissue or slough obscures the damage and tissue removal is required to determine severity (usually Stage 3 or 4)

Deep Tissue Pressure Injuries (DTPI) are another risk. They appear as discolored skin without an open wound. Unchecked, they can rapidly worsen, making early detection of any pressure injury vital.

Preventing Further Damage: Treatment Options For Bedsores

Early intervention can stop bedsores from worsening, promote healing and minimize discomfort. Here are some pressure sore treatment approaches that promote healthy recovery.

  • Stringent wound care: Proper bandaging and debridement (dead tissue removal) to create a clean environment and antibiotics to fight infection.
  • Moisture control: Careful incontinence management to prevent moisture and further irritation or damage.
  • Advanced therapies: Vacuum-assisted therapies and other treatments are sometimes used for complex pressure ulcer wounds.

Unfortunately, bedsores that are very large, deep or severe sometimes require surgical treatment.

Did You Know? Pressure Ulcers Are Highly Preventable.

Many methods used to treat bedsores can prevent their development. For instance, good hygiene and incontinence management play a role in treating and preventing pressure wounds.

However, an insufficient focus on prevention could start a worrisome cycle of pressure ulcer problems. Nursing homes have a duty to make every reasonable effort to keep patients in optimal health and free of preventable harm. Specific measures include:

  • Frequent repositioning: Regular patient turning (every two hours for high-risk) to relieve pressure on bony areas
  • Pressure relief surfaces: Specialized mattresses and cushions to distribute weight more evenly
  • Meticulous skin care: Regular inspections for symptoms (redness, irritation) and cleanliness prevent minor issues from becoming bedsores

Are Bedsores Always A Result Of Nursing Home Neglect?

Although bedsores are largely preventable with proper care, their development does not always signify neglect. Certain medical conditions or age-related factors can increase susceptibility.

Still, their presence should raise a red flag. As mentioned, facilities have a solemn duty to prevent harm and minimize the risk of wounds and injuries. If pressure sores develop, it could indicate a potential breakdown in that duty and, more urgently, lead to dangerous complications and even death.

At Greenslade Cronk, LLP, you get a free, professional case review from a bedsores attorney in Riverside and Los Angeles that victims can trust. It can help you determine if you have grounds for a nursing home neglect or abuse claim.

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