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Your Rights To Recovery After A Sexual Assault

When rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft first appeared, most people thought these companies would keep us safe on the roads. We knew that having a sober, dedicated driver meant that people would be far less likely to get behind the wheel after drinking.

Unfortunately, these businesses failed to prevent thousands of instances of rape and molestation. Instead of making getting home safer, these apps gave predators the opportunity they needed to cause significant harm. We can help. If you were sexually assaulted by an Uber or Lyft driver in California, call us, Anna and Michael, for a free consultation: 866-605-6149.

Pursuing Civil Justice

If a driver sexually assaulted you, immediately call the police. File a report. Preserve the evidence. The second course of action is to consult with an attorney skilled in personal injury matters about your rights to sue Uber or Lyft. These companies have what is called a duty of care: they must screen their applicants, listen to rider feedback and immediately take action whenever rides, particularly female riders, are put at risk or harmed.

Each year thousands, yes thousands, of female rideshare users are sexually assaulted by their driver. Hundreds of passengers are raped. These drivers need to be held to account in criminal court. These companies also need to be held responsible for hiring drivers who had a criminal history and who were not qualified to do this job. Additionally, it has been revealed that these companies sometimes ignore complaints from female passengers, thus putting more female riders at risk.

Types Of Molestation And Assaults That We Represent

Firstly, if you suffered an assault while riding in an Uber or Lyft any time after 2009, you have our sincere sympathy. We offer compassionate, not judgmental support and guidance through the civil litigation process. We can help you if you were the victim of any unwanted:

  • Kissing of any kind
  • Touching or groping of any body part
  • Sexual penetration or attempted penetration

The sad truth is that many people do not report sexual attacks. They do not want to have to relive or recount the traumatic event. This is understandable. However, when you come forward not only are we better able to bring the person and the company to justice, we can work to ensure this does not happen to someone else.

5 Tips To Stay Safe

No one deserves to be sexually assaulted in any way. There are some things to consider before using a rideshare app that may decrease the likelihood of an assault. These are:

  1. Make sure the driver’s car and license match what it says in the app. The driver should know your name and destination.
  2. Share your trip with a friend and make mention of this and that someone is expecting you as you enter the car. Text or call a friend as you enter the car and let them know who is driving and where you are going. When possible, share your ride with a friend who is going the same route you are.
  3. Sit in the backseat. If anything feels off turn on your video record or video chat with a friend. You can also be dropped off at a nearby friend’s house if you do not want the driver to know your address.
  4. Refuse to accept the ride if you get a weird feeling or sense that the driver is intoxicated, on drugs, or seems creepy. You have other options.
  5. Make a stop at a gas station, police station, fire station or other public venue and refuse to return to the vehicle.

Immediately report any type of assault, molestation or inappropriate behavior to the app and the police. Contact a personal injury attorney who specifically handles Uber and Lyft action lawsuits. Though not class-action suits, these cases can be handled in groups when warranted.

Let’s Talk About What To Do Next

We are attorneys Anna Cronk and Michael Greenslade, and we founded Greenslade Cronk, LLP, to provide personal, dedicated personal injury representation to people who’ve been injured by the negligence of someone else. Agile and skilled negotiators, we prepared every case as though it will be litigated. We believe this works to best protect your best interests. Call us at the firm to set up a meeting: 866-605-6149. Or, use our online inquiry form to ask a question or request a consultation with us. We serve injured Uber and Lyft passenger clients throughout California.