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When Living At The Nursing Home Hurts

It is one of the toughest decisions we can make: moving Mom or Dad into an assisted living facility, memory care unit or nursing home. But often, for their own comfort and safety, it must be done. When there are signs of abuse, maltreatment or neglect in a California facility, it’s time to take action. At Greenslade Cronk, LLP, we can help. Call 866-605-6149 to get immediate attention to your situation.

What Is Neglect?

Nursing home abuse and neglect are two separate issues but can both happen to a loved one. Neglect at a nursing home happens when our older and vulnerable loved ones do not receive the care and attention they need to survive. It can be caused by understaffing, under training or negligent hiring. Neglect can include many behaviors but most commonly involves:

  • Isolating, ignoring or not attending to the needs of the resident for long stretches of time, typically hours or even whole days or nights
  • Ignoring medical issues that need attention or care
  • Leaving a resident in dirty clothes; not attending to the resident’s hygiene and bathing needs
  • Not providing adequate food and water; dehydration is typically indicated
  • Over- or under-medicating so as to not have to “deal with” a resident
  • Not providing adequate security, this can lead to a resident “eloping” or leaving the premises

If your loved one suffers from injuries from falls, bedsores (also called pressure sores) or other indications of neglect, get in touch with us. We will discuss the situation with you and tell you how we can help. Call 866-605-6149 to ask a question or set up a consultation with Anna or Michael.

What Is Abuse?

Abuse differs from neglect because abuse means something is happening to the nursing facility resident. Abuse can be:

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Emotional
  • Financial

Unfortunately, this is more common than people think. If your elderly loved one has unexplained broken bones, bruises, scratches or sores anywhere on their body, including the genital area, it’s time to investigate. If your parent is afraid of the caregivers, has a dramatic change in their mood or is suddenly withdrawn, it bears looking into as these are signs of emotional abuse. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia are the most vulnerable.

As a firm that only takes personal injury cases, we have the knowledge and experience to take action. We will gather the evidence, file a lawsuit, hold those responsible accountable, and help you and your family receive financial compensation for all the related medical bills and other damages. If you lost a loved one because of someone else’s abuse or negligence, speak with us.

It’s Up To You To Take The Next Step

It is not uncommon for a family member to second-guess themselves, asking “Is it really that bad?” or “Was it just a bad day?” When it comes to our vulnerable elderly loved ones, our gut usually signals to us that something is wrong. It is far better to make an inquiry and have someone look into what happened or what is happening than to not say anything and hope for the best. Speaking out now can spare someone else the same, or worse, treatment or suffering. We will hold the negligent and responsible parties to account.

The Guidance, Resources And Protections You Need

As a a team dedicated to helping injured people and their families, we are here to answer your questions and help you understand what to do next. Partner Anna Cronk has extensive experience with both nursing home abuse and neglect and can answer any questions and provide resources.

It costs nothing to meet with us or to have us take your case. Our fees are contingency-based, meaning we only take a fee if we win a settlement or a verdict for you. Call us at the firm to set up a meeting: 866-605-6149. Or reach out to us via our inquiry form. We serve clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area.