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How does nursing home neglect mentally impact elders?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse |

When people move their loved ones into nursing homes, they may not realize how seriously neglect can harm these older family members. Lasting mental issues and emotional trauma are only some of the problems that can happen.

Understanding the ways that neglect can hurt elders and what the signs of these issues are is important when protecting loved ones.


According to the Mayo Clinic, nursing home patients could suffer from loneliness and isolation if staff members fail to talk to them or interact with them meaningfully. Since older people often rely on others for help when moving between rooms, staff members who fail to assist them can cut them off from spending time with others.

The staff may even purposefully prevent friends and family from coming to see them, which can cause confusion and emotional issues like depression.

Anxiety and frustration

Not getting regular meals or sufficient nutrition is a source of stress for older residents of nursing homes. When these residents do not get regular care from staff members, they could fear for their overall health and safety.

Since older people need more assistance with baths and showers, not being able to clean themselves is another source of stress and worry. Changing bedsheets regularly is another task residents need help with.


If staff members show continual anger and annoyance toward anyone who needs help, residents could fear asking for what they need. Being unable to talk openly or ask questions can lead to increased worry for residents.

Nursing home negligence can seriously impact an elder’s mental health, so knowing more about possible warning signs is important.