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Bad weather and traffic collisions

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Car Accidents |

In this post, we want to draw attention to various weather-related hazards that increase the chances of a motor vehicle crash. Every year, many people suffer devastating injuries and lose their lives as a result of collisions that occur when weather conditions deteriorate.

Unfortunately, some negligent drivers disregard these risk factors and speed, use their phone behind the wheel or engage in other careless behaviors that become particularly dangerous in bad weather.

Going over weather-related traffic accident risk factors

The Federal Highway Administration outlines different traffic crash risks involving weather. Many accidents take place due to precipitation, such as heavy rain and slick roads. Precipitation can adversely affect traction as well as a driver’s ability to see the road. In addition, fog can significantly interfere with visibility and result in speed variance. When vehicles travel at different speeds, the odds of a collision increase. Snow, sleet and ice also account for many weather-related accidents.

The FHWA published data showing that roughly 21% of all vehicle accidents involve weather. Moreover, weather-related crashes claim almost 5,000 lives and cause more than 418,000 injuries during an average year.

Addressing a weather-related traffic crash

Our law firm understands the multitude of hardships that can arise in the aftermath of a traffic collision. From debilitating injuries that prevent victims from returning to work to medical costs and mental trauma, an accident can shatter one’s life. We believe that reckless drivers who disregard traffic safety guidelines during periods of inclement weather must answer for the consequences of their actions.